Evolve 4 Style Cover
EVOLVE4STYLE provides a service that educates individuals on how to purchase clothing that fits their body properly, express their personality, enhance their personal and professional image, and create a versatile wardrobe that makes getting dressed a pleasurable experience.

EVOLVE4STYLE celebrates individuals by nurturing their spirit and empowering their minds by teaching them the effect that clothes have on their image. I believe the power to change images is the power to change lives.

Discovery Consultation - Meet with client to assess their needs and determine what they would like to achieve from an image update.
Wardrobe Analysis - Evaluate client's existing wardrobe and give guidance in what to keep, discard, or purchase.
Personalized Shopping - Estimate budget and accompany client to purchase items that will expand their wardrobe.
Wardrobe Walk Thru - Create a look book of multiple outfits so client can see how to combine existing items with new purchases.

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